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Just updated to the latest version of Android on my HTC Desire – version 2.2 – codenamed Froyo (short for ‘Frozen Yoghurt’ in case you didn’t know – Google has a habit of naming Android updates on desserts…!).  Just so happens I’ve ‘rooted’ my Desire already, and the good old bods over at have already released a ‘rooted’ version of the new ROM.  I installed it using the ‘ROM manager’ app (available to rooted users on the Android Market).  It was quick and painless.  Seems mostly okay so far. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working is the HD (720p) video recording, which just causes the phone to restart.  Not sure if this is this particular ROM, or just a problem anyway.  I’m not that bothered about that anyway, it’s the other nice things you get that I’m more concerned about…

  • Native Wifi tethering – Much more reliable than the Wifi tethering app – my saviour when out and about with my iPad.
  • Faster – OH BLIMEY it’s faster!  The reports of 200-500% increase in speed are true!  Whole thing feels much more responsive in all ways.
  • Apps to SD card – you’re now able to install apps (that support it) to the SD, saving internal phone storage.

All in all, a nice upgrade!

UPDATE : I’ve also updated the Radio firmware now, and all seems to be okay.  720p now working!

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