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Toys are great – The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet…

I’ve just purchased myself one of these little babies (click for bigness)… It’s a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. In a nutshell, it’s a WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled internet and Email client, running a version of, get this nerds, Debian Linux. These things have been around for a little while now (probably a year and a […]

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Fotospeed Inkflow Review – Update

I said I’d be back once I’d done some testing – so here I am! And the answer? Well – I’d say the overall experience has been resoundingly positive, though not without hiccups along the way… As I said in the main review – part of Fotospeed’s service is to provide you with custom colour […]

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Review – Fotospeed Crystal Dye Inkflow continuous ink system for Epson Stylus Photo 1290

Today, I aquired something that I’ve been meaning to get for ages – a Continuous Ink system. I love my Epson Stylus Photo 1290, but the inks for it are so damn expensive (as for all printers!). In the past, I’ve used Genuine Epson inks and Jet Tec inks interchangably, with generally very good results. […]

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Hurrah! Expos̩ for Windows Рbut is it all it seems?

Had to post about this. It has its faults, and I won’t be using it after the initial play-around. Basically, someone has produced an ‘Exposé’ clone for Vista. For those not in the know, Exposé is OS X’s wonderful windows management system, where you can press a key or move the mouse to a corner […]

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Microsoft Online Problem Solver

I was suprised yesterday – well – technically this morning. Just after I posted my last post (about the lack of problems with Vista!), I rebooted my PC into vista, only to be presented with a blue screen (and by this, I mean blue screen with no text!), shortly folowed by a reset. this happened […]

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